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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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sierra and lake tahoe tonight and tomorrow as the winter storms continue in the higher elevations. details on when this system will move out and when the next storm system will move in. >> thank you, paul. on the peninsula, there are sand bags along a creek there. cbs 5's mark thayer is there. >> reporter: the rain in the past 15 minute or so really started to fall here in east palo alto. with the new storm moving in, all residents along the creek can do is look and hope for the best. a line of sand bags now runs along the san francisquito creek. jose landa lives as close to the creek as you can get and
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says that he hopes that the sand bags help prevent any more blooding. >> that makes you safer? >> a little bit. maybe it runs again, like -- we're going to be -- >> along the way, several houses which were flooded still have their driveways blocked off by yellow caution tape. while the creeks overflowed in some areas, sit cry officials noticed seepages along the boil. >> >> ishmael rosales lives along the way, but says that while residents appreciate the sand bags, they would like a more permanent solution. >> >> it's something, but it's like trying to heal a wound that's already been cut.
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you know. they have not done anything influential to make sure that we are safe. >> reporter: the creek is running along the area, and all residents can did right now is run the rain forecast for tonight. >> it's not horrible today. we hope. >> reporter: and back to a live picture here in east palo alto, this is bay shore road here. the flood stage here is 15 feet. we just checked the river gauges, the creek gauges a short time ago, only about three feet. so the squalls we have been having here over the past couple of hours here so far have not made a huge difference in the creek levels but the evening is young and people who live a little bit down from where we are here are very concerned. >> thank you so much. >> cbs 5 reporter linda yi is keeping an eye on things. >> reporter: the rain really slammed into the the north bay. this is a big cause of concern
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for those flood-prone areas. people did what they could to prepare. streets were soaked. sand bags stacked in front of stores just in case. >> remember the last time you were here the right it was? >> reporter: and local families kept an eye on the rushing creek that runs right by the town. >> i check on the creek a lot. >> reporter: are you worried. >> not this time. look at it. not even close >> reporter: but san anselmo has had its fill of storms. back in 2008, it was high. stores were damaged and some smaller businesses never recovered and closed shops. schools suffered, too. >> and we completely had to switch every classroom and then -- >> reporter: was it a pretty big mess, too? >> yes, huge mess >> reporter: despite today's
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downpour and frosty weather, there were still folks strolling. >> i like rain. i like the water. >> this year compared to last year, winter actually makes sense. like last year, it was like sunny all winter. >> reporter: well, since that last flood, all the businesses here in downtown installed these storm gates, designed to keep all the water to go off their businesses. they heap they won't have to. i don't think they will. acourting to doppler, the storm has moved on. other bay area headlines. in vallejo, a car na police say was involved in a treat race hit a man in a crosswalk on broadway last night. that man who was in his 40s was sent flying 100 feet and is now
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in critical condition. the driver did not stop. investigators are now looking for a black nineties honda civic with front end damage. and in campbell, firefighters spend several hours on a christmas morning fire, putting out that big blaze on dell avenue. at one point, 60 firefighters were on the line. nobody was hurt but a car was destroy the. and another fire, this one at an ant. complex in menlo park let two people without a home. it started as a grease fire. two apartments were damage. no one was hurt. glide memorial church is continuing a tradition. an entire football team stepped in to help this year. >> merry christmas. >> it's a san francisco tradition here at glide memorial. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: one that brought back volunteers like daniel merry christmaswell for the past eight years. we saw him here as lat month
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ears thanksgiving dinner. >> for me to come here and spend three hours of my morning at 5:00 a.m. and know that somebody's life is going to be receiving something good will be good >> reporter: it also brings in first-timers like marie andrews who made a last-minute decision after shy saw glide on the news. >> i have to give back in some way. i can't give money. i'm not oprah but at least, i can give my time. >> reporter: today, more than 650 people signed up to help. organizers say that volunteers lots filled up within hours. getting holiday help is not a concern for glide but getting help beyond the holidays. >> still homeless people to serve and still poor people to serve. just remember that it's throughout the year. >> reporter: the event brought out special guests like the asu football team. the team his town for the kraft hunger bowl and stopped by to help out. and salvation army volunteers were also up early
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fixing and delivering meals to an otherwise forgotten group. thousands of home bound seniors in san francisco were greeted by volunteers to a warm meal. the meals were not the open thing that volunteers were donating, also giving the gift of time and company. >> we are giving up our time here and volunteers to deliver meals throughout the city but it's also a knock on the door, merry christmas, and, you know, this is the only human contact that some of these people actually get. >> reporter: more than 5000 meals were delivered by 11:00 this morning. so, what did you get from santa? that's the question that cbs 5 reporter jennifer mistro asked today. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: the weather outside was really frightful. but the gift wrap ripping, well, you get the ideaas i went door to door on this coastal town, lots of creatures were
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stirring. >> hello. >> it was pretty clear santa had been around. >> reporter: what did you get? not every kid's dream gift but santa delivered some really cool stuff this christmas. >> i got a red sleigh and a state board. the skateboard, i got from santa claus. and the hat >> reporter: are you practicing for something, extreme sport perhaps? >> not yet hopefully >> reporter: all ages got into the act. happy? >> very. gorgeous, booths full. >> reporter: he was stoked. even though it looked like his board had been attacked. >> i fell the stairs with a few
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things. >> i can say that a shark attacked me, rather than it felt down the stairs. >> merry christmas. >> it's a good life, but we don't want to boast. and at first it was kind of embarrassing. >> if you worked christmas day, you are not alone. what you might want to snow. christmas for restaurants drastically different from a few years ago. it is a white christmas. the story is coming up. stranded for days in a northern california bar. how a pony got stuck up the stairs. ,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great!
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is for many college graduato find jobs. but this statiste heard today really dri we've heard about how hard it is for many college grad yatchs to find jobs, but this
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statistic, we heard was really startling. the number of graduates working in retails or restaurants doubled in the last five years. these are the same people who have expensive college loans to pay off. grace? >> reporter: that's right, liz. it annot easy to be young, especially if you look for forward. the asoacialght press reports that college graduates in the last year, more of them do not have jobs or enough work. we heard that story over and over about themselves and their friends and it's pretty disheartening. >> reporter: when you are shopping this holiday season, or eating out. take a look around. you might notice a lot more people under 30 working those jobs. according to the sean session bureau, there are about 260,000 young adults with college degrees in california seeking work in food service and retail because they can't get anything
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else. >> pretty sad now. >> reporter: lowrie florez graduated with a computer science degree. >> i graduated with my bachelor in 2009 and my first job was at a retail store in the mall. at first, it was kind of embarrassing. >> i could not get a job in the field that i wanted to. >> reporter: even with a higher degree, it is still tough. phil song is still in college and is worried because his friend have been forced to take jobs they don't want. >> all my friend who graduated, they have a hard time. all my friends with higher degrees have to work at mcdonald. >> with low-paying jobs, that makes it that much harder for college grads to pay back tuition r college loans. the bills are stagging up. >> my friend bar tends at works at restaurants trying to pay off the college loan he has.
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>> and laurie stokes has a daughter and worries what kind of world her child will face. >> i got out of the college in early nineties. it was tough market now but not the way it was >> reporter: that was during a recession. what about the people who are trying to get into the job market who don't have degrees? they are finding it nearly impossible to get these minimum wage jobs. it's affecting a lot of people especially who do not have a lot of experience. liz? >> reporter: used to be that you went to a college, got any kind of degree, you were dwairnt teed to get an entry level position somewhere. now not the case. >> some are taking unpaid internship to get a foot in the door. how about a degree seismology? an earthquake hit northeast of mall mall by as m -- milpitas.
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a snow boarder eye tied as 49-year-old steve anderson from a small town near stuckee was found under two or three feet of snow. >> his friends, the other friends that were going to be in our group were looking for him and probing around but they didn't find him. >> reporter: officials at alpine meadow says that veteran stay patroller died. an explosive broke the slide much wider and higher than expected. just getting to and from the slope was brutal. mike sugarman headed to the sierra with the goal, goal of reaching theory resort. he pulled over in heavy traffic and filed this. >> yoo there are world class ski resorts up that day.
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but that would require chains and four-wheel drives and lot of other cars. here at the corner of emergency parking only annual r and no stopping any time is a place known today as the first snow on the right. the first snow on right about 30 miles northeast of auburn is the place to come when you have just a few hours for a white christmas. >> perfect. >> reporter: can't do this in oakland which is why the reyes family ended up testify first snow on the right. >> 6:00 in the morning, got ready, had some food and came out at 9:00. >> reporter: three hours to get ready for the snow? sure. they are from oakland. >> in oakland, this is okay but not here. >> reporter: here at the corner of no parking any time and emergency parking only at the first snow on the right, there is a big cliff. not something that we hear
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about these days, but the real one. >> we would love to hear about first snow on the right. last year was about 70 degrees. you could not build that with you look at me now. >> reporter: that's when snow pack is 27% of normal. now it's 140%. we have an increase in the fall factor. fall down, climb up. >> reporter: why fall down and climb up? >> because that's fun. >> reporter: that's fun? >> yes. >> reporter: more fun than in the bay area. this is the reyes family wishing you a white christmas. >> reporter: and for me, too, at the first snow on right, i'm mark sugarman. >> it may not be the first snow but certainly not the last. >> that's a wet pattern. see all the smiles when you go up in elevation? people are enjoying. this skiers love this type of pattern. remember, last christmas, barely a resort was open or even skiable. now, they have a lot of snow. more than 150 inches fell.
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more coming. another foot tonight but that means rain in the bay area. heaviest rain is finished. the front moved in through. we won't be dealing with light to moderate rain in the next several hours. san ramon, mirranga, lafayette. san jose towards los gatos. light or moderate rain shower. we are getting a little bit of a break but still soggy outside. look at these highs today. barely in the 50s for napa, hayward, oakland, san francisco today and downtown, only at 48 degrees. sonoma, you only hit 46. one of the cooler christmases we've had in a while. the reason we have the cool front pushing through, breezy, notice all the yellow and red. the heaviest return now pushing off to the east and moving from the bay area towards the sierra
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where heavy snow will fall. wet, breedsy at times overnight tonight for the first half of tomorrow. then that front is gone. for one day, again, only one day, we'll dry out with high pressure building in thursday, looks mainly dry before another rain maker moves in for friday and saturday. just some showers out there over the weekend. but saturday looks to be the wetter day of our two-day weekend. soaking rainfall possible through tonight. slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. we saw reports of small hail in south santa clara county. rainfall ending by tomorrow afternoon and we get that break before the rain moves back. highs too many, mid-50s. lots of you heading back to the mall to return the gifts you got today. look the at highs in the low 50s for san raphael, napa, redwood city. we are dry from late tomorrow through the day on thursday. and then the showers are back again on friday and saturday. then we get a longer drying trend. sunday, monday and tuesday, first day of 2013. wet out there tonight, watch out if you're going to be out and b going to be a soggy
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christmas evening. that's the cbs 5 forecast. stranded for days after climbing the stairs. the rescue of a pony named cranky. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rocket? one that hovers like a helicopter! the company what would be better than a plane rocket? how about one that hovers like a helicopter. space x conducted a successful test of the so-called grasshopper rocket. lifted off, hovered and safely touched down back on the launch pad. the company says it's almost ready for the real first launch. talk about closing the barn door after the horse bolted.
6:23 pm
this time, it was a pony. we have more on the complicated mission to rescue a stranded animal. >> reporter: he was able to unhook the latch, climb all the way up the staircase for a bite. >> we were joking that he was looking for santa claus but i think he just wanted to eat more hay. >> reporter: woo four-year-old cranky land where no one has before, up a flight of stairs to the hay lot of on to have of his barn. >> vest inquisitive. is not afraid of mission >> reporter: he got stuck up there for thee days. >> we could not coax him down. he was looking at us. >> reporter: it took a veterinarian. >> it took three hours trying it figure out how to do it >> reporter: the roofing company
6:24 pm
raised the boar -- the process was tedious and also dangerous but cranky was calm and cooperative. >> i have seen horses in distress situations before that have gone absolutely cranky and may think dangerous and difficult but he was just a prince >> reporter: he is doing just fine now and still nibbling on everything in sight, finally freed from the cramped quarters he was trapped in until his christmas eve rescue. >> he was in a hay lot of. it was not a manger but that was pretty close. >> reporter: he could have overeaten and died. >> that horse is well named. the horse is in the hay lot of,
6:25 pm
criky. >> he just wanted a midnight snack. >> yes. the severe weather on this christmas day. our men are hurt and they are not going to be home with their families now. >> spending christmas arranging funerals for twoambushed firefighters. the kind gesture that cost one his life. this is very dangerous, potentially poisonous material. >> the warning where bad botox. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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downtown san francisco: an underground expl e cover flying int we have breaking flus from downtown san francisco. an underground explosion sent a manhole cover flying into the air. it happened about an hour ago on the corner of third and mission street. the streets are pretty empty today so nobody was hurt. muni bus lines per being rerouted and traffic is slow going. pg&e tells our photographer onsite they are working to find out what happens. but explosions like these are not unusual in san francisco. aging infrastructure is usually to blame. the rain has broken up into showers over much of the bay
6:29 pm
area at this hour. chief meteorologist paul viano is keeping an eye on it. and this is images of severe weather in alabama. a tornado touched down in mobile. winter storms are being felt all across the country causes thousands of flight delays. at sfo, delays are a little over an hour. cbs reporter daniel nottingham on the christmas rain, snow and tornado. >> reporter: a christmas morning front promising to bring snow. some parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania could see one to two feet of snow. in the southeast, the largest tornado threat ever seen on christmas day brought on by the winter storm coming from the west, mix-of-mixing with the warm waters of the gulf of
6:30 pm
mexico. >> severe thunderstorm warnings are ongoing. what's that causing is the potential for a widespread severe weather outbreak. >> reporter: the national weather service says that parts of arkansas could get up to 10 inches of snow, causing whiteout conditions. in missouri, liquid salt trucks are already preparing roads for the approaching storm. >> those roads are slick. if you don't have to get out, please don't get out. >> reporter: all the severe weather is complicating travel plans as millions are set to return home. there have already been 5000 cancellations this week but more expected in the next couple of days. >> it's just sad. you have to be happy, right? >> reporter: this storm is part of the same system that brought more than four feet of snow in the high sierras of california just a few days ago. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. in oklahoma, police blamed freezing rain for the 21
6:31 pm
vehicle pileup on interstate 40. among the mess, three big rigs. about ten people went to the hospital. 11 children are dead after a minivan plunged into a pond in eastern china. chinese authorities say that the 7-seat van was taking 15 kindergarteners to school when it went off the road. authorities pumped the pond out to look for victims. four children, a driver and a teacher survived. in upstate new york, police say they found the body in a burned out home of a man who shot and killed two firefighters. they believe it could be the gunman's sister. cbs reporter at at that tatiana anderson with the note detailing the gunman's intention. >> reporter: investigators say ex-con william spangler started this christmas aye fire and gunned down first responders
6:32 pm
when they arrived. the 62-year-old took his own life but left behind a note detailing his plan. >> he was going to go burn as many houses as possible and do whatever he was going to and this is kill people. the note does not explain why spangler wanted to kill. we have been shot at. multiple filings down. >> spangler had three guns, including a bushmaster 223, the same kind of weapon used in the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. two firefighters were killed. seven homes across the water behind me were lost in the fire. investigators searching the crime scene are looking for any clues as to why the gunman did this. spangler had violent pass. he spent 17 years in prison for killing his grand mother with a hammer. he moved back in 1998, sharing this home with his sister.
6:33 pm
investigators found a body in his home and believe it may have been his sister. >> we believe it may have met foul play, programs by spangler. >> reporter: at the firehouse h con dole lenses and letters of support continue to pour in around the world and two families are forced to spend christmas making funeral arrangements. >> that's terrible. some young victims got a special house call this christmas. lionel shafaro put on and red suit and went around brooklyn donating toys to people who were displaced by sandy. >> i can't imagine how that would have been. if somebody took their toys away. >> reporter: he give present to about 150 kids. friends and volunteers donated thousands more. the toys will be delivered every day until the new year. lots of homes were full of
6:34 pm
cheer and celebration today. if you are counting your blessings, keep in mind that not everyone is as fortunate. >> clothing, food, toys for the kids. we have volunteers that come out, wrap the toys. so we work nonstop hours. we have volunteers that cook the food >> reporter: hundreds of people showed up. each family getting bags of goodies worth about $100. >> stop. get back to work. >> reporter: these presents are all donated, all acourting to age. one-year-old, four-year-old, seven-year-old, everybody gets a present. >> reporter: in the next room, something for the adults, clothes that have been donated and cleaned, ready to wear. >> i got two pea coats, leather
6:35 pm
shoes a back pack. >> reporter: and food. >> turkey, macaroni and cheese, pie. >> are there usually this many people? >> yes. yes. we d >> reporter: reporting from richmond, patrick sedilo, fox 5. if you have netflix, you may have noticed your service disrupted. the company's explanation for its christmas eve outage. a warning if you are getting your face injected to look younger. how you may have gotten bad botox. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the stre welcome back to cbs 5. glad you came back. netflix blamed for its outage. it was out for a good chunk of the day yesterday.
6:38 pm
the los gatos company points the finger at amazon's clout. clout is separate from sam son's shopping website the food and drugs administration is washington 350 medical warning 350 separate medical practices that the botox they are getting is bad. >> reporter: it is a drug that works wonders. botox used for a variety of medical rege. the most popular use of botox is to help temporarily the aging process. now the food and drug administration is warning 350 medical practices that the botox they have could be bad. >> this is very difficult on many levels. >> reporter: the medical offices bought botox from a canadian supplier and could be unsafe because it's not f.d.a. approved. a letter was sent to these doctors last month. in that letter, it reads, the f.d.a. is very concerned that products distributed by these suppliers may cause harm to patients because they may be
6:39 pm
unsafe offer ineffective. a century city plastic surgeon, using non-f.d.a. approved medicines is ding rust. >> this could be very potentially poisonous. if it's an agents used in chemical warfare and can paralyze somebody permanently or paralyze your diaphragm so you can't breathe. >> reporter: he is shocked and saddened to hear there ace large hills of medical offices buying bow toxz through a non- approved f.d.a. source. >> my advice to them, to be very cautious, maybe even confront the physician and say, this is my understanding that you might be getting medication from a source that's not f.d.a. aprudent. can approved? can you talk to me about it? >> reporter: that was amber lee
6:40 pm
reporting. patients can request to see the bottles that the medication is drawn for. i really love capturing who we are and where our nuttiness is. >> the story of a bay area writer and why she is in the spotlight. and we just got a break but look at the rain off the marine coast line. we are not done yet. could not get through christmas without one local highlight. i'll show you. the nba broke out its special uniform and showcases top talent. highlights coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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heard pope benedict deliver traditional christmas messa today. the pope stepped on roman catholics from around the world heard pope benedict deliver his traditional christmas message. he stepped over the balcony overlooking st. peters square and condemned the vial fence syria. >> once again, i condemn the
6:44 pm
blood shed, easier access for relief to the displaced. the pope also called for peace in north africa and between israelis and palestinians. just today, israelis approved the construction of another 1200 housing units for a construction on the west bank more than 7600 new unwrapped gifts were delivered. firefighters drove around the city and delivered those toys. the toy drive wrapped up at 2:00 this morning most people would rather be anywhere rather than anywhere but not nancy ray. this postal worker is carrying out a decades old san jose tradition by delivering express mail on christmas day. not just anyone can be one of santa's post-office helpers.
6:45 pm
you have to pay your dues first. >> i have been wanting to be santa on christmas day ever since i started with the postal service. and you need a lot of seniority to be able to be picked. >> reporter: ray has been with the san jose post office for 28 years. this is her third season delivering packages on christmas. a berkeley fiction writer, the winner of the first ever writing contest. the magazine has been trying to change its image to keep up with the times. >> those iconic norman rockwell paintings come to mind. >> jim looked over hills shoulder >> reporter: berkeley author, lucy jane bledsoe reads a passage of her story wolf, the
6:46 pm
winning entry in the first ever writing american contest. >> i had a small audience for a number of year >> reporter: the story with a middle age man'sfascination with wolves won the contest. she follows some of the greatest story tellers fostered by the magazine. >> reporter: f. scott fitzgerald. >> yeah. >> reporter: william faulkner. you fit in that bunch? >> i don't know if i fit in that bunch. jack london is in there. >> reporter: edgar alan poe. >> yes. i am excited to be in that stream >> reporter: the contest is to find the next generation of great authors. the post is changing its image moving from two digs seen on the left to the more modern look on the right. bledsoe's at work on her new novel and she homes the start
6:47 pm
of a bigger audience. >> i really love capturing who we are and what our nuttiness is. >> reporter: and that's not necessarily fiction. in berkeley, linda yi, cbs 5. we are tracking tuesday evening rainfall right now. another round of rain moving in. can't seem to get a break. we get these breaks for a day or so and then another round moves in or so. we have one for another couple of evenings. north of the gold en gate, you had a break since about 5:00 but here we go. lake county, sonoma county, mendicino county, marin county, you are about to get poured on once again. it will be a good 30 to 40 minutes soiker. and san francisco, just about to get soaked. it's raining at the beach already and already raining at at&t park. we are looking forwards fremont, getting some heavy rainfall between now and 7:30. great news for skiers. two to seven inches of new
6:48 pm
snow. but the ski resorts about 5000 feet, anywhere from 8 to 16 inches of additional snowfall on top of the five feet of snow that you had since last thursday. so a lot of snow in the mountains. cloud cover acting like a blanket put over top of the bay area. that will keep us somewhat mild, especially considering today we evenly got up to about 50. we'll be in the mid-40s tonight. mountain view, 46. napa, 43 and livermore down to 42 degrees overnight tonight. take a look at what's going on. we have the storm track which is squarely aimed at northern california for about the past, gosh, four or five weeks. whenever a storm comes by, we'll grab a piece of it and we'll grab a piece of this once again. heaviest rainfall already pushed off to the east, another wave of rain fall moving in right now. wet at times and windy at types. we'll get another one of those really tiny brief breaks that begins tomorrow afternoon. thursday looks dry. over my shoulder, there is the
6:49 pm
next area of low pressure. san francisco looking for an additional quarter of a rainfall for you. san jose about quarter inch of rainfall between now and this time tomorrow. soaking rain at times through tonight. slight channels of a thunderstorm, rain out of here by tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow afternoon, 54 for livermore. >> santa clara, 55. pacific ya, 53. los gatos, 56. you will be drier by tomorrow afternoon. richmond, high of 55, oakland 56. sausalito tomorrow, 53 degrees. we get that break from late wednesday and then showers are back friday, sat day, warm out in the snow, too. then we get dry for several straight days next sunday, monday and tuesday, all trending mainly dry. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
league to own viewership on christmas day... ...5 games me for 3 of nba commissioner david stern once had a vision. he wanted his league to own christmas day. five games scheduled. join me for three. and a little thing we like to call around the association. lebron james and the heat
6:53 pm
hosting kevin durant and the thunder. nba rematch. the miss but lebron james. come on. big putback. third quarter, kevin durant, are you kidding me? tough shot and one. he had 33. oklahoma city up 1. and down 1 with 30 seconds left and that's when chris bosh got free. the heat go on to win 103-97 carmelo anthony and the orange clad knicks at the lakers' kobe bryant house. bigs setting up big. pau gasol to dwight howard. lakers up 3. and then anthony, pops, yes. knicks up 8. anthony with 34 but not enough. lakers come back. bryant with 3 of his 34. the lakers caught lightning in a bottle. celtics taking on the nets in
6:54 pm
the garden. celts up 12. rondo drives with the left hand. and lookie here. things get chippy. after the exchange of four- letter words, boston wins the game. college game, usf still in hawaii taking on east tennessee state. the diamond head classic and this is mark wholesome with a followup dunk. arizona state gets ready to face navy in this sat day's kraft fight hunger bowl at at&t park, they are doing it with heavy hearts. asu running back aryan brice lost his brother when he was shot and killed in houston. it was a robbery over a pair of air jordan basketball shoes. he was a sun devils second
6:55 pm
leading leader in rush. he is expected took back for the game. >> terrible situation. we hope 20 get him back here and i hope that he will be playing in the game. we dedicate the game for marion's brother. that's been tough. we are a family. that's how the sun devils nation operates. that's a time of grieving for him, obviously. he will be joining us today. a lot of things a lot more important than football but he want s to be with his brothers. the nfl may have a day off. despite the 'em baring 42-13 loss on sunday, the 49ers can still win the nfc west with a win. they are a and a half a game up. it would help if seattle were
6:56 pm
to lose this weekend, but needless to say 49ers still having a shot to make some noise. they are still right now as a 14 1/2 to 16 1/2 point favorite to beat arizona. >> all right. thank you, mark. >> uh-huh. and for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on the next newscast is at 10:00 on the c w, channel 44, cable channel 12 and you can see us here at 12. >> alan will be back at 10:00 tonight. merry christmas. we appreciate you watching cbs 5, see you later. sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right?
6:59 pm
i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: how you folks doing? welcome to the show. how's everybody doing today? thank y'all for coming. so how you doing, man? thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. and like always, we got another good one for you today. wow. returning for the third day with a total of $20,495, straight out of boston, mass., it's the charest family. [cheering and applause] and from dallas, texas, home of the world-famous mentoring camp, it is the dang family. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. give me milton. give me tara.


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